Signs of Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance signs

Lactose intolerance signsLactose intolerance is an uncomfortable condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough of the lactase enzyme to break down lactose. It can be quite uncomfortable. When this happens, you might experience bloating, gas, nausea, discomfort, and even diarrhea. Lactose intolerance is a very common condition. According to Healthline, children produce less lactase as they get older.

It’s believed that as much as 70% of the population suffers from some degree of lactose intolerance. By the time we reach adulthood, our bodies don’t produce as much lactase as they did when we were younger. It’s really a simple biological change.

Babies need to consume and properly digest breast milk for healthy growth and development, but as we get older and our bodies fully develop, we don’t require as much dairy. The body doesn’t bother to produce the enzyme anymore.

There are four major signs of lactose intolerance. They are:

● Stomach pain and bloating
● Diarrhea
● Gas
● Constipation

Many of these symptoms are caused by lactose fermenting in the gut when it’s not processed properly. Unfermented lactose often causes gas and water to be leftover in the colon, which can cause a number of problems.

Other symptoms that may be related to lactose intolerance, but could also be attributed to other conditions, are:

● Difficulty concentrating
● Muscle aches
● Oral ulcers
● Extreme tiredness
● Headaches

The best and simplest way to stop lactose intolerance is to cut dairy products from your diet. But some people assume they have lactose intolerance and cut dairy out of their diets prematurely, before checking with a doctor to confirm that intolerance is the cause of their discomfort. If you are curious about taking a lactose intolerance test to see if your body is unable to process lactose, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at GastroCare LI today.

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