Patient Reviews

This is only my 2nd time seeing Dr Rieders. It is so convenient. 2 minutes from where I live. Waiting time is practically non existent. Early morning appointments. And only need to travel to his LI office if a procedure needs to be done. And even then, it’s an easy drive. I think I am going to stick around.”

Toni Marie K.   

“One of a few that shows genuine concern. He was thorough and explained everything in simple terms. Am fortunate to have him do my procedure and trust I will be in good hands!! “

Jamie B.   

“He made me feel very comfortable. And the medical staff are very professional.”

Stella U.   

“Great doctor. Really listens to your concerns. “

Damaris R.   

“Great doctor. Really cares about my troubles”

Tami T.   

“Dr. Rieders’ very thorough. When he addresses your concerns, you can understand what going on. His bedside manner is great and the ladies that work there also are very nice also. I husband liked him so much I’m going back to have tests done…LOL Seriously, he really seems to be genuinely concerned about your issues and he doesn’t rush you. I’d recommend him to my family and friends if need be.”

George U.   

“Dr. Rieders is really pleasant! I was really happy with the appointment. He listened to all my concerns and asked questions. Very professional!”

Magdalena C.   

“He is great!!!”

Debra D.   

“It was great, thorough and enlightening”

Natalie H.   

“I thought it was great especially considering I had arrived at the wrong appointment time and they fit me right in.”

Tamara Y.   

“Very professional and knowledgeable”

Fredric P.   

“I found Dr. Bradley Rieders to be an excellent doctor. He listened to all my concerns, answered all my questions and gave me the best advice. He is very kind and shows compassion. I would recommend him highly. The staff was very supportive too, especially Josephine. Thank you ZocDoc for your help in finding the perfect Doctor.”

Nancy K.   

“He is always very professional, understanding and friendly.”

Cassandra T.   

“He was very caring”

Jeanette E.   

“Excellent first visit — very personable, professional and thorough. Didn’t rush to move on to the next patient — answered any questions I had.”

Mike H.   

“He was very attentive, understanding and have feedback as to what he thinks is the problem. He was good. “

Sudine M.   

“I’ve seen Dr. Reddy and he was very informative and polite”

Edeline P.   

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